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Ten Chicago Jazz Artists To See in 2014
2) Spare Parts -  A band that much like OM Trio, the Benevento/Russo Duo or Medeski Martin and Wood, is equal parts jazz and jam.  They look like a jazz band, sound like a jazz band and go off like a jam band.  One of my favorite groups in town. - Paul Abella
The Barn Presents: Ten Chicago Jazz Artists To See in 2014

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Spare Parts On Sunday’s Local Anesthetic
richard-1Richard Milne
Spare Parts are jazz in the sense that they play jazz chordings and can swing with authority but the more I listen to their self-titled new disc, the more I realize their sound and songs are more Parliament than, say, John Coltrane. With album number five Spare Parts, they are, indeed, on the verge of getting it on. Interestingly enough, I’m listening to it right now for the umpteenth time and I’m hearing something new, some little high-hat bit from drummer Mike Bruno. I like that. There is a precedent for jazz artists and composers to guest on Local Anesthetic, by the way. Spare Parts are not the first. Ken Vandermark was on 20-something years ago and more recently, Ramsey Lewis. Spare Parts don’t sound like either one of those acts, tho. Their sound actually harkens back to mid-late ’70′s “jazz fusion” from the likes of Return to Forever, Herbie Hancock, Weather Report, et al. Many of us swallowed that stuff right up, driving albums like Weather Reports Heavy Weather to gold sales and the top the jazz charts in 1977. That side even went top 30 on the pop charts. Multiple Grammy nominations ensued and Pastorius‘ “Teen Town” is still one of the baddest-ass songs of the genre and period (video below). The point is; music like that of Spare Parts used to be part of the pop landscape and their new tunes are so user friendly, it’s time to reintroduce you to the whole jazz-fusion thing as done up right by this Chicago trio. Spare Parts will be my guest on this week’s Local Anesthetic, Sunday night at 7:30 here on XRT.

Spare Parts

Spare Parts


Chicago-based trio features bass, keyboard and drums. This self-titled release is their fourth. The band has a vigorous hardcore fan base, and has shared stages with everybody from Snoop Dogg to the Jazz Mandolin Project. Spare Parts opens with tracks of happy, sometimes spacey funk, then travels to blues and near-programmatic tracks like “The Chase.” The latter could serve as soundtrack music for a ‘70s cop show. “Grinder” sounds like it’s making fun of both Black Sabbath and Jean Michel Jarre, which isn’t easy. Spare Parts makes jazz more fun than some people probably think it should be.

- Bruce Collier

Spare Parts: Quarter Pulse

Our friend Steven Smith sent this in to us, saying “I just discovered a new band – new to me, that is – Spare Parts. Great 70s groove! The bassist is Colin Scott, [and he's] layin’ it down on the Fender Jazz. Sweet!”

Sweet indeed. Love that old school sound.


If you’re into the Charlie Hunter or Medeski, Martin, and Wood vibe, then this guitarless Chicago jazz trio should be in your sights already. Crowdfunding for their fifth album and the first to be released digitally on Ropeadope Records (home of Hunter and Christian McBride among others), are bassist Colin Scott, keyboardist Kevin Kozol, and drummer Mike Bruno. The Track below, Poppin', is from the band's 2012 album Bright Minor, and you can expect more the funky same on the next self-titled long player. Hard not to move to this stuff! Spine-chilling keys, bumping bass lines, drumming tight as the proverbial gnat's ass. Get with it and put these guys over the top.


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