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Mike Bruno: Drums

Despite growing up as a viola player in his school days, Mike Bruno quickly veered over to the fast lane of the drumming world late in high school. Wierding out to Don Caballero or Return to Forever, Mike knew the drums were for him. He started playing with bassist Colin Scott in their high school band that eventually formed into Spare Parts at Southern Illinois University. The band quickly rose to prominence in the Carbondale scene before they all moved to Chicago in 2003. Since then, Mike has played across the country with Spare Parts and drumming has landed him gigs in 4 continents. He has also recorded and engineered many of the Spare Parts albums and videos you know and love. When he isn't touring or practicing with Spare Parts he freelances as a percussion instructor, teaches percussion, recording engineering, and music business at Harold Washington College and also composes percussion ensemble music. He has appeared several times in Modern Drummer Magazine (see article below.) He dislikes pickles, a lot....

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