Colin w/ Banyan in Chicago 9/14/14- Stephen Perkins (Jane's Addiction) drums, Willie Waldman trumpet, Fareed Haque guitar

Bass Solo: Lima, Peru - Peru Jazz Festival

Colin Scott: Bass


Colin Scott is a DNA Amplification Artist


by Corey Brown of  | Friday, January 17th, 2014 

Our friend Steven Smith sent this in to us, saying “I just discovered a new band – new to me, that is – Spare Parts. Great 70s groove! The bassist is Colin Scott, [and he's] layin’ it down on the Fender Jazz. Sweet!” Sweet indeed. Love that old school sound.

“Bassist Colin Scott takes charge on the next couple of tracks, ‘Trilogy I & II and Part III.’ This is one of those tracks that is fantastic because it’s so familiar, without one being able to pinpoint exactly what it’s reminiscent of. Sure, Kozol’s keyboard lines are vaguely Bernie Worrell-esque (he’s the keyboardist in Parliament), and it’d be easy to compare Scott’s bassline to something by Les Claypool, but that’d be too easy. Instead, one would just have to acknowledge that these three can lay down some serious funk, whether it be the kind meant to get you on the dance floor, or the kind that makes you tap your foot while your mouth is left gaping.” – Paul Abella, Chicago Jazz Magazine – May, 2010

“The musicianship is first rate – with Scott a ‘Fender-Funkmeister,’ Bruno driving the band like it is a well-tuned Bugatti, and Kozol supplying cascades of keyboard washes and sounds ranging from orgasmic organs and acoustic piano to electric pianos and chewy synth leads. A fun album that will get the limbs moving all akimbo – they must be killer live.” – Brad Walseth, – April, 2010

“Often a behind-the-scenes instrument, the bass guitar is, in fact, a
challenging animal to tame; however, Colin Scott proves he’s a big-game hunter. Without reservation, he lays down poppy funk and blues-ridden riffs over jazz melodies” – Jim Hagerty, Rock River Times – Rockford, IL October, 2006